The Missions: San Francisco and San José

Unless the mission is oriented by charity, that is, unless it springs from a profound act of divine love, it risks being reduced to mere philanthropic and social activity...Consequently, being missionaries means loving God with all one's heart, even to the point, if necessary, of dying for him. - Pope Benedict XVI

i finally re-wired the shower head. the other morning as i was showering i could smell a small electrical malady and i looked up to see a cigar-like smoke eminating from the wires - you bet, the wire-nut had melted down. that was enough for me, so i took the whole thing apart and realized that in order to fix it i would need two crimps. it was easier to find a new shower head than the crimps, so i just bought the new shower head and re-wired the whole thing properly. all's fine.

tomorrow begins the "patronales" - i.e. the patronal feast (st francis) starts 10 days early. i suspect i will have a plethora of hot photo ops for you in the next 10 days...we'll be up at 6 am for the procession of the st. francis statue.


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