The Missions: San Francisco and San José

Unless the mission is oriented by charity, that is, unless it springs from a profound act of divine love, it risks being reduced to mere philanthropic and social activity...Consequently, being missionaries means loving God with all one's heart, even to the point, if necessary, of dying for him. - Pope Benedict XVI

i just want to comment on the comments publicly:

first of all, my mother rocks - she only had two comments based on yesterday's harrowing adventure and the pics i posted. first she wanted to see a picture of martyr, and then she told me to clean my room. i am my mother's son, so all of you who have been lambasting me for my actions, i have my mother's approval.

secondly, to those who are bashing me as a big lib, a lib would have turned around and gone home without celebrating the Holy Sacrifice, but the solid priest risks life and limb to bring the Eucharist to the people of God - he does not count the cost, nor the season, nor the weather, nor the conditions, he trusts in God's Almighty Providence, while of course using the reason God gave him - so remember that, you big libs, next time you cancel Mass because of a little snow.

additionally, pray that this haitian guy can come through for me and get the satellite so i can actually post pictures in quantity.


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