The Missions: San Francisco and San José

Unless the mission is oriented by charity, that is, unless it springs from a profound act of divine love, it risks being reduced to mere philanthropic and social activity...Consequently, being missionaries means loving God with all one's heart, even to the point, if necessary, of dying for him. - Pope Benedict XVI

today was one of those days that had about five blogable events and i have to pick one, and since i'm feeling mellow tonight i chose this: today at 5:45 am i was in my office enjoying the peace and quiet of the morning, reading the Gospel and preparing to leave for pedro santana to make a holy hour and celebrate the 7:00 am Mass. i heard a faint squeaking from the other side of my desk, so i looked over and saw this little mouse prostrate under the chair. he kept squeaking and it got fainter and fainter until it stopped. the poor little guy just died right there with me watching. he'd been running in and out of my office for a month now. oh well, such is the life of a mouse i guess.


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