The Missions: San Francisco and San José

Unless the mission is oriented by charity, that is, unless it springs from a profound act of divine love, it risks being reduced to mere philanthropic and social activity...Consequently, being missionaries means loving God with all one's heart, even to the point, if necessary, of dying for him. - Pope Benedict XVI

36 hours till touchdown in the great (hopefully not too fridgid) USA - that's right folks, i'm heading home tomorrow after Mass. a little family reunion, a little golf, visit some friends, deep fry a turkey, all solid events on the docket.

i have updated the Mass intentions and added the link on the sidebar - take a look through and see if you want to add some. post them in the forum and i will add them.

i don't know how much posting i'll do in the next week, so if i don't talk to you i'll be back in a 13 days (although i will see stan, stan10, and fr violette, so you never know what might happen). pray for my safe travels...


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